What cookies are used on the Electric Distro website?

At Electric Distro, we value the privacy of our visitors and customers. We take great effort to ensure that ordering from Electric Distro is as discreet as possible, from our boring brown boxes without distinguishing marks, to our discreet billing as EEI . We also know that people are concerned about how their online activity can be monitored, and what information is shared with other companies.

One of the most common ways websites track and save information about their visitors is through the use of cookies. A cookie is a small file of text, often encrypted for privacy, that is used to store information between visits to a website. Modern internet browsers allow you to see what cookies are currently stored on your computer, and selectively delete them as you wish.

Below are the cookies that Electric Distro uses, and the reason we use each one:


These cookies are needed for the shopping features on the Electric Distro website. They store information that includes the products you have added to your basket, and whether you prefer to view products by ‘what’s new’ or new ‘what’s best-selling’. Without this cookie the Electric Distro website wouldn’t work.


This cookie helps us to see where you’ve come from, and if you have arrived from a site that we pay to promote us to their visitors. Without this cookie we wouldn’t be able to see this information, and would therefore be unable to pay the owner of the promoting website.

SLI Systems

Electric Distro uses search technology from SLI to provide relevant results when you search our website. These cookies hold information about the contents of your basket as you browse the results of a search. We also use this information to improve the search results. Without these cookies, Electric Distro’s search function would not work correctly. The SLI cookies are called SLI, SLIBeacon and SLI followed by a number. They are used when we are testing how to improve the design of our search results page.


Electric Distro uses a system called Chartbeat to see which parts of our site are most popular throughout the day. This helps us to better cater for times when Electric Distro is mentioned on the television, or in the news. Although this cookie is not required for Electric Distro to work, it helps us to provide a better service for our visitors and customers.
The Chartbeat cookie is called _chartbeat2.


Electric Distro uses Peerius cookies to help us show relevant products to people visiting our website. This means that we only show you products that you’re likely to be interested in. The Electric Distro website will work without this cookie, although you may find that you view more products that you would not normally wish to see.
The cookies Peerius uses are named peerius_ct, peerius_rid, peerius_sess and peerius_user.

Visual Website Optimiser:

Electric Distro uses a system called Visual Website Optimiser to help us design our website. Visual Website Optimiser will show different page styles to different users, and records which page was the most successful in helping a visitor make a purchase. This is done anonymously, and no information other than the style of page shown is recorded.
We may be running several tests at the same time, so there may be several Visual Website Optimiser cookies being used. All Visual Website Optimiser cookies begin with “_vis_opt”.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a commonly used software that allows Electric Distro to see how well we are doing when helping people shop online. It records information including how you reached the Electric Distro site, the city and county that you’re browsing from, and what browser you are using. We can then see how people used the Electric Distro website to purchase from us. Google Analytics is invaluable in helping us improve our service. We never pass any personally identifiable information over to Google. 
The Google Analytics cookies are named __utma, __utmb, __utmc and __utmz